A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Trashboy, is a trash brought back to life who wants to Take it out on all those who stand in his way.

Our hero wants to take over humans who do not consider sorting and recycling.

He decides to go to TrashDojo to learn the techniques of his clan, with Benn'Ozordures San.


Genre: Beat them all – 2D Fighter

Platform: PC / Mac / Mobiles

Engine: Unity

Language: English

Leonard Jeannerot - Développeur ; LevelDesign ; Chef de projet

Abdelkader Vandamme - Développeur

Clarence Berard - Développeur 

Damien Salgueira - GameDesign ; GameFeel ; SoundDesign ; 

Timothé Courtier - Graphismes ; Animations


Contact: timothe.courtier@devinci.fr - leonard.jeannerot@devinci.fr


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