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Persistant Studio, a Video Games compagny had decided to give to the IIM's student a project to create. For one year, two teams of students worked on this project. During the first semester, there were Third Year and Second Year students on this project, but for the second semestre, there were only the Second Year students who worked on it.

We had to do a prototype of the game. So we made a 5 min gameplay to introduce the differents mechanics to the client.


This project is a God Tactical Game in which the player can control a crowd  full of protesters which are fighting Policemen. There is two ways of playing the game, you can lead your protest toward violence against the Policemen but you will not have the favor of the Journalist, or you can just protest peacefully without any  damage caused. It's up to you to choose your way !



Producer : Julien Barande (Third Year)

Lead Game Developper : Vincent Pettineo (Third Year)

Game Developper : Cédric Chauvin (Second Year)

Lead Game Designer : Pascal Galibourg (Third Year)

Game Designer :  Louis Erra (Third Year), Lucas Sanchez (Second Year), Timothé Courtier (Second Year)

Lead Graphist : Paul Meyer (Third Year)

Graphist : Eliott Tirant (Second Year)


Producer : Eliott Tirant (Second Year)

Lead Game Developper : Cédric Chauvin (Second Year)

Game Developper : Victor Chiorean (Second Year)

Lead Game Designer : Lucas Sanchez (Second Year)

Game Designer :  Oscar Chenevier (Second Year)

Lead Graphist : Loïc Andriantsoa (Second Year)

Sound Designer : Timothé Courtier (Second Year)


CC Project.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Different steps to play the game !

1 - Download the .Zip file

2 - Unzip your file

3 - Double clic on 'BAP Gestion de Foule'

4 - Play and enjoy your experience !

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