Update 1.6

Hey StickItUp! players !
Today, new patch :

What's new ? 

We implemented a launch Logo and a loading screen. 

You can now Log in Google Play with a button. 

 Language selection ! The app is now translated in English and French . 

We added a timer in 1 player mode ! Now you've got some challenge ! 

Now, when you'll loose your 1 player game you'll have a defeat screen ! 

 In 1V1, we added new feedbacks to increase the visibility of the current winner (and looser) ! 

With all the players feedbacks, we decided to swap the Shape of all labels and buttons. 

 Fixed minors bugs.

Feel free to give us feedbacks to improve our game !
Thanks everyone to play our game.

:package: See you soon and Stick It up ! :package:

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